After 30 Year Anniversary of Married with Children, Katey Sagal Spills Some Dirt

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Nearly 30 years after Married with Children, Katey Sagal published a memoir about her life and there is lots of info on her time on our favorite show. Peggy Bundy apparently had a pretty different life compared to Katey Sagal, who had lots of sex where Peg got zero sex from Al!

Sagal in her memoir wrote about a lengthy addiction to drugs, alcohol and crazy sex before she got offered her first acting gig on the Mary Show starring Mary Tyler Moore in 1986. It was a short acting gig, but led to her playing Peg Bundy in Married with Children.

Al and Peg were married for sixteen years on the show and their relationship was built on witty banter in a funny close-up of the life of a wife of a shoe salesman who married her high school sweet heart and popped out two dysfunctional kids.

Peg Banged Al Under the Bleachers for His Polk High Accomplishments! Show Your Polk High Love!

"Ironically, we were all pretty mean spirited, even off-screen. In a loving way, sure, but the jokes were how we related. I definitely think there's a reason we were all drawn to that show. All four of us had some Bundy in us." Sagal wrote in her memoir.

When Sagal read the script, it called for Peg to be a mean spirited chain-smoker, which at that point in Sagal's life fit her pretty well. She made it through the first round of auditions and was called to read with the three choices for Al Bundy. From that reading, she remembers no one but Ed O'Neill, who had a brief acting career in theater and television on his resume.

"Ed and I had it going from the moment we met. He was a big, sexy, every-man kind of guy, and we had instant chemistry," wrote Sagal.

Married with Children debuted in the spring of 1987 on the Fox network. At the time, it was a new network with little programming. Married with Children aired three times a night and throughout the week initially, but as things settled the show became a huge hit and aired on its Sunday time slot! Thank you for giving more background on the beginnings of the show Katey! and its fans thank you!

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