Al and Peg Bundy: Best Back and Forth Insults

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Marriage is built on trust, love and honesty...and no one was more honest with each other than Al and Peg Bundy! Their back and forth banter not only was funny, but was the foundation of their fictional marriage and the show Married with Children. 

With that I am happy to share some of Peg and Al's Bundy's best back and forth quotes: 

Peg: Ah Honey, why don't you just stay home and bowl me over?
Al: But Peg, I prefer a place where my balls are returned properly.

Peg: Hi Honey, did you miss me?
Al: With every bullet so far!

Al: Peg, have I told you how much I love you today?
Peg: No Al, you haven’t!
Al: Okay good.

Peg: Question 2, who would you rather spend the night with A your wife or
Al: B!

Peg: As a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina.
Al: Ballerina...ha sure are my nut cracker.

Peg:That's very touching honey, now rub my feet.
Al: Peg I wouldn't rub your feet if a genie popped out of them.

Peg: Whats that toilet got that I don’t?
Al: A job.

Peg: Al why don’t you have any pictures of me at your work.
Al: cause Peg that would defeat the purpose of going there.

Al: Ah Peg, would it really make you feel better if I told you I needed you?
Peg: Yes it would!
Al: Wa ha ha, well I don't!

Peg: Al why don’t you ever take me to the beach?
Al: Whats the point? You’d just find your way back home.

Al: It's a vacuum cleaner peg in case you want to do something different with your afternoon?

Also, here are some videos of the best Al Bundy insults:

Collection of the Best Al Bundy Quotes and Insults from Al Bundy.

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