Al Recites the Best Version of the "The Night Before Christmas" Ever

Dec 25 2016 33 Comments


In the episode It's A Bundyful Life, we get perhaps one of the best renditions of "The Night Before Christmas" ever. Watch the video below!

This episode is unique in that it is one of the few times the Bundys actually have money and Al is planning to get his family gifts, but of course, he fails in Bundy fashion.

Plans go awry as Al can't get to the bank in time as a slew of slow customers slow him down and he can't get the money to buy gifts for his family. He starts a kid watching business so moms can go shopping and he can make money for his family's gifts. The kids are tied up with tinsel and the moms come back and beat Al down for tying their kids up and he is left sad and alone as the mall closes.

If you have a chance, watch It's A Bundyful Life Part 2 for another great episode with Sam Kinison! TBS is airing a lot of the Married with Children Christmas episodes, so either set your DVR or keep an eye on that channel. 

Al Bundy's The Night Before Christmas Rendition from Al Bundy on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Al Bundy Quotes! 

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