Bobbie Brown: The HOT married with Children women

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Hot married with children women

This has to be one of my favorite clips. Al on point with the stunning model Bobbie Brown in the Season 5 two-parter “You Better Shop Around”. Brown plays a stereotypical dumb blonde supermarket patron, named “Nibbles”…! “Nibbles”, I love it! Brown went on to have a small part in “Last Action Hero”. Al cannot afford to buy an air conditioner for the hot summer. After an attempt to install an old experimental model, (which results in a neighborhood blackout) Al moves his family into the local supermarket. After a while, they are told by the owner to buy something or they will be kicked out. After doing so, Al cuts in front of Marcy and becomes the one-millionth customer to leave the store. The prize is a shopping spree worth $1,000. Bobbie Brown is one of the hottest Married with children women that have ever been on the show! Check out video below and see for yourself.



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