Great Opening Sequence Mashup of Married With Children

Jul 15 2016 0 Comments Tags: Al Bundy, Al Bundy Mashup, Al Bundy Quotes

This YouTuber created a potent mix of the opening sequences from across the quite a lot of seasons of the standard show Married With children. One can find how the fundamental characters like Al, Peg, Bud & Kelly changed and in a lot of circumstances just didn’t change! Like Peg’s fabulous clothes or gravity defying hair patterns. Just without a doubt extraordinary!

However, I believe we are missing a personality like Al Bundy on at present’s television. A man who speaks his mind and just doesn’t take any bullcrap & nonsense. A traditional all-American hero for the common man. In lots of approaches, Jay on “modern-day household” is just Al Bundy in later lifestyles and there are so many exceptional nods to the regular character in that special exhibit.

So check out the video (below) as its awesome edit and beautiful flashback to probably the greatest and nostalgic sitcom-opening ever made. Al Bundy defined a new anti-society comedy routine back in the days when such shows were frowned upon. People initially disliked the idea of mocking their wives and kids and speaking ill of the community. Soon the hatred caught more love and attention, and people got hooked on the TV show. With years, the show became one of the biggest hits of the century, and every cast member was considered as a new and buzzing television personality. Take a look at the greatest mashup of the Al Bundy's opening sequences across the years. 

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