Happy Birthday America As Told By Actor Ed O Neill

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Happy Fourth of July to you, my fellow believers in America’s most patriotic pastime: Life, liberty, and beer, the actor Ed O Neill way!

"We didn’t break free from that pansy country England by voting! We did it by throwing their stinkin’ tea in our American harbor! And why? Because Americans don’t like tea. We like coffee. And Americans don’t like wine. We like beer. Ice cold. Ice-cold-best-in-a-bottle-but-fine-any-way-you-can-get-it-belching-burping-wake-up-in-a-pool-of-it BEER. So let’s show them how a beer man votes. Let’s get blitzed, and take it to the streets! Let’s strike a blow anywhere they dine al fresco. Anywhere they eat brie cheese. And anywhere they wear their pants up high around their waist in the European way. The only thing that Americans understand is mindless Tom and Jerry cartoon-like violence. So let’s go kick some elite butt. Give me beer, or give me DEATH!"

-Al BundyMarried ... With Children

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