[VIDEO] Bruce Jenner sex change was predicted 20 years ago on Married with Children

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Marcy Darcy Bruce Jenner

Married with Children is one of the funniest sit-coms of all time, running from 1987 to 1997 - but the show also magically predicted Bruce Jenner's sex change.

At the center of the Married ... with Children was America's most lovable loser, Al Bundy. Played to perfection by Ed O'Neill, Bundy was a washed up former high school football star, who regretted most of the roads his life had taken him down. The highlight of his life would be the infamous moment when played fullback for Polk High and scored 4 touchdowns in the city championship game.

In the show, long suffering shoe salesman Al Bundy lives with his sex crazed wife Peggy, dumb blonde daughter Kelly and son Bud.

Their next door neighbor is the grumpy, anti-feminist Marcy D'Arcy, played by Amanda Bearse, who runs an anti-man support group called F.A.N.G. (Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys.) Which was created to counteract the NO MA'AM group created by Al Bundy. (National Order of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood).


Marcy's boyish appearance is the butt of many of Al's jokes including one where he compares her to the lad from Home Improvement.

But in one hilarious episode, two characters mistake Marcy for Kim Kardashian's step dad Bruce Jenner who has revealed he intends to live as a woman.

It's as if somehow, they knew and predicted the future! I guess "The Simpsons" isn't the only historical series great at predicting current events.


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