Al Bundy and French Connections On the Married ... With Children Show

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One running joke on Married… with children is Al’s hatred towards the French. He holds them in pretty low esteem and the show includes loads of jokes targeting the French. However, the Bundy family sometimes use French expressions. There was an episode on a French exchange student (“Fair Exchange”, 0406), played through Milla Jovovich who stays to live with the Bundys because they got $500 pay a month to care for her; they even made her stay inside the storage at some point. In 0622, Al imagines being in France, carrying a beret and drinking purple wine. Occasionally French is noted in a impartial way (0409, 0415). except, Married… with Children did air in France, normally on Saturday mornings. Subsequently, the Bundy neighbours – the D’Arcys – have a French name, or even the primary circle of relatives dog changed into a Briard, a French breed.

So perhaps Al became really a closet Francophile!

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