Nudie Bar Song from Married With Children

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If you were asked to name the best songwriters of our generation, some would say, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, or Paul Simon. They would of course all be incorrect as the “Nudie Bar” song is without question, the single finest piece of music ever written. The below video features the infamous group Bundy and Bundy, whose dulcet tones send shivers down ones spine...

One of the most famous places in Married With Children, Al spent many a happy hour within the at the Nudie Bar, “feeding dollars to the topless.”

Below are few videos of Al at the Nudie Bar. Enjoy!

Al and Bud Bundy Sing The Nudie Bar Song from Al Bundy


Al Bundy Stripper Limbo at the Nudie Bar from Al Bundy.

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