Bud Bundy...The Original Mannequin Challenge

Nov 12 2016 1 Comment Tags: bud bundy, married with children, official al bundy quotes

Long before people in offices and sports teams started freezing in place for the Mannequin Challenge, Bud Bundy took on his own sort of Mannequin Challenge. 

Trying to impress the ladies, Bud creates a fictional lover named Monique who "wants to go upstairs." After some smooth 80's dancing, Bud and his inanimate lover move towards the steps where his plans quickly fall apart and the mannequin breaks into several pieces. 

A funny note from this episode (The Dateless Amigo) is that Stephen Dorff plays Boz, one of Bud's friends on the couch. 

This isn't the first time Bud tries to get busy with a mannequin. In another episode, Bud talks to a mannequin in a store hoping that it will become real.  He asks it to respond only to have Peg walk up behind him and say "Bud?" getting his hopes way up!


Bud is the OG inventor of the mannequin challenge, but he doesn't freeze under pressure, he gyrates and makes them feel very loved.

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  • Hi does anyone know what episode of MWC of Bud pleading for a mannequin to come real?

    c. ian on

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