On Election Day, Al Bundy Says It Best!

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In an election year most of us choose to forget, Al comes with words of sage advice. Outraged by a 2 cent beer tax, Bundy is spurred into action and leads a fight against the tax increase.

"I am Bundy, Al Bundy, and I am here to serve my country," Al states. Motivated to defeat the beer tax, Al does his civic duty and votes. The tax passes and Al's love of beer leads to this amazing speech that echoes many of the political underpinnings that are occurring, right now.  

Al Bundy Election Day Quotes: 

"Tell you the truth, I am never voting again. Like marriage, no matter who you choose, it turns out bad. Unless you are rich, they get everything they want. Well fine. Let them have their birds, their air, and even their presidents. We cared about beer and they took it away from us. And sure, what do they care if a man who sells shoes or fixes cars or totes that barge or spears that doody in the park has to use his whole pay check to buy one beer."

"One thing I know, we're never going to win through the system. Voting has never been the American way. We didn't get away from the pansy country England by voting. We did it by throwing their stinking tea in our American Harbor."

"Let's show them how a beer man votes. Let's get blitzed and take it to the streets."

Al Bundy Beer Tax Speech from Al Bundy on Vimeo.

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