Married ... With Children And Its Remakes From All Around The World

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Even 20 years after the last episode of Married ... With Children was filmed, the show isn't any less renown! Its characters, its scripts, and even its original themes are so popular that other countries all over the world have made their own versions of it. Users from all over compiled images of their local remakes and have been brought to you by reddit for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy shots from the 10 best remakes all around the world!


From Bulgaria: Zheneni s deca v, launched 3 years ago


From Argentina: Casados con hijos, 2005. It was broadcasted to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Peru. It was so popular they still air in reruns despite only having two seasons.


From Chile: Casados con hijos, like the Argentinian show.


From Colombia: the show has the same name as the Chilean and Argentinian show, Casadas Con Hijos


From Croatia: Brace Vode, which means The Waters of Marriage


From Germany: Hilfe, mein Familie. They look like one happy family.


From Hungary: Egy rém rendes család Budapest. It means "A gruesomely decent family in Budapest". 


From Poland: Swiat wedlug Kiepskich, which translates to The World According to the Kiepskis


From Russia: Shastlivy Vmeste, which means Happy Together.



From Spain: Matrimonio con hijos


The American show's brilliance is definitely shown in all these remakes.

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